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The Michel Dali adventure from 1976 till today!

A local brand under the name samaria savien starts a home production of children clothing.


In 1980 Michel Dali is born.

The brand is created by George and Panagiota aiming to fulfil the dreams of all kids and mummies.

Michel Dali travels to all the cities of Cyprus and abroad via its own stores and representatives.

Michel Dali is 40 years old but is still fun and fresh

It carries the same values and qualities but manages to run with the flow

Always remaining fresh and exciting


Michel Dali realises a childhood dream:

“…Michel is resting at home after having a long day at work, taking care of his beloved dog who recently became a sweet and caring mummy of three beautiful little puppies… (noise outside) Niaou, niaou, niaou, Michel runs to the front door where a little kitten is desperately crying for help. He follows the kitten at the end of the road where he founds two more baby kitties feeling very lonely. He gives them a big warm hug and immediately takes them home. The kitties are very weak and Michel quickly prepares a nice meal for them. Mummy dog comes closer, takes the kitties in her arms together with her baby puppies and takes care of them until they become strong again! Thus, the three little kitties and the three little puppies become a big happy family.”

Ever since, Michel is next to every little kid, sharing presents, food, love, warmth and happiness. Michel Dali family grows bigger and bigger!!!


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